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Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Car detailing is an important car care service that includes several aspects of cleaning the car both from the interior and the exterior. We at Titanic Ajman are the people to rely on when it comes to getting the car detailing services for your car. When we take up a car detailing project, it means that we would provide the best services so that it keeps its excellent condition, thereby retaining its resale value.

Here at Titanic Ajman our car detailing services include the following:

Paint Care

Taking care of the paint in the proper manner is the most important aspect of car detailing. We follow a three-step process to care of the paint of your car. The first step involves proper washing and drying of the car to remove the superficial grime and dust. The second step involves applying the clay bar which cleans or removes any contaminants such as dirt, metal particles or tar. The final step involves polishing the car to remove any fine scratches or swirl marks, after which it is waxed to seal the paint and enable it to shine.

Wheels and Chassis

The exterior of the car also includes the wheels, undercarriage and the chassis. We clean all these parts thoroughly to remove any extra dirt and grime. They are then dressed with protective substances so that they retain their luster and are saved from corrosion.

Lights and Exterior Trim

We at Titanic Ajman also take special care of the headlights, taillights and exterior trim. We not only polish the lights but also seal them properly using a plastic sealant. Whether it is a chrome trim or plastic or vinyl trim, we clean them thoroughly and dress them with suitable sealants.

Detailing from the Inside

Our interior detailing services involve cleaning the seating surfaces and the carpets. Our workers use a steam cleaner or shampoo depending upon the grime or dirt inside. We clean and dress the plastic and vinyl moldings while we condition and clean the leather. Trunk area is included in our car detailing package.

Engine Bay

Different car care services have their car detailing packages. We at Titanic  Ajman also take care of the car engine bay as part of our service. The process of cleaning this section of the car involves misting the area lightly with water, using a grease remover to clean the area and finally rinsing the area clean. Once the entire dries up properly, we dress all silicone, rubber and plastic components with suitable substances to avoid cracking.

With these car detailing services, we offer to protect your car in the best possible manner. While you can opt for our standard car care services package; you can also get additional services at slightly additional fees. These additional services include superior waxing, using high quality shampoos, use of special equipments, engine cleaning, and wheel detailing or dent removal.

Come to Titanic Ajman when you are looking for top class services at the most affordable prices. We promise that you would never regret your decision.

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