Car Ceramic / Paint Protection
Car Ceramic / Paint Protection

Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

Your car is your prized possession and you would want that it stays like new for as long as it stays with you.  Every car does gets damaged here and there because as it runs on the road, the dust, road gravel, construction waste and many other pollutants join together to damage the paint, the gloss, the shine and the very aesthetics of the car to make it look like an old car without any care.

The Titanic Advantage

Car washing and cleaning does help you revive some of its old charm, but not it’s the real self as it once was. However, you can truly transform your old looking and boring car into an almost new looking and exciting car that it used to be when you bought it from the showroom. Bring the car to us at Titanic Ajman and we will make sure that your car becomes your pride just like it did when you bought it.

Our Detailing Services

We transform your car by undergoing a very specialized job of car interior and exterior detailing. You must be wondering what’s so special about it when it is readily available with almost every garage and motor repair shop in the city. Well! The procedure and the work may not be special for them because most of them are not experts and just complete the formality of the task. However, we are experts at the job and we have a highly trained and experienced team of interior and exterior detailers that work with the aim to transform each and every car that comes to them, into an almost brand new showroom condition car.

We have one of the most modern and an extensive workshop that has all the modern machines together with best technology and trained personnel with passion for good looking cars that makes our job so special and perfect.

When you come to us with your old looking and boring car for a major transformation, we will suggest you to undertake car interior and exterior detailing because with this service we will transform your car in such a manner that you will once again fall in love with your car. Under this service we undertake to clean and clear all the debris, dust and pollutants stuck with the paint and bumper of the car. The service includes cleaning from bumper to bumper, from top to the bottom and from all other places where you may never be able to reach.

Our exterior detailing options include industry leading products like rain repellent glass treatment, hi-speed polishing, clay paint restoration, scratch repair, headlight cover restoration and many more.

Our Interior detailing services also has a host of services that include leather conditioning, carpet cleaning, fiber parts cleaning and polishing. We use the best products in the industry. For all the services that we offer, we have a very well trained team that works with the motive to please our customers to the core and make your car look just the way you want it.

Come to Titanic Ajman and get superior class car interior and exterior detailing services.

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