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Car Polishing

Car Polishing

Car Polishing and Washing

You must be washing your car on a regular basis and yet you are not happy with the looks of it. Obviously, there is a whole lot of difference in washing it yourself and getting it washed professionally by people who are best at cleaning, washing and polishing cars. This is not to say that do not wash your car yourself, this is just to say that after a while you should get your car washed by professionals like us because you will feel the difference once you have got the job done.

Washing a car does not only entail putting water on the car and drying it with a cloth, washing is much more than that. Washing includes cleaning each and every corner of the body, wheels, bumpers and the bottom of the car with water pressure. We at Ditec use suitable car wash solution so that dirt and other pollutants that are stuck to the paint of the car and below the car are removed without damaging the paintwork of your car.

What is car polishing?

People often confuse car polishing and washing with car waxing. Car polishing is done straight after drying of the car while car waxing is done after car polishing. The car wax sticks to the paint of the car to protect the car paint from getting damaged from dust and other pollutants while car polish contains a slight amount of abrasive that removes the dead paint on the surface giving the car paint a new shine and life.

Car Washing and Polishing

We at Titanic Ajman have a professional team of car washers, cleaners and polishers that will give your car a new look. When you bring the car to us our washing team will inspect the car properly and decide how the car is to be washed and cleaned.  Thereafter, we take your car to our specialized washing area where the car will be washed and cleaned by using the best car washer that will clear all the dust and pollutants stuck with the paint of the car. After your car is washed and cleaned properly, it will be taken to the drying area where it is dried using special technique so that no water spots are left which are very usual if the car is air dried.

After the car is washed and dried, the next step is polishing of the car. We have the best polishers that will give a great shine to your car paint so much so that you will be mesmerized by the finish. The car polishing creams and sprays that we use are made of the highest quality and we ensure that are not harmful to the paint or fiber parts of your car.

Car polishing does not entail only polishing the outer body of the car, but also includes polishing the fiber parts and upholstery inside. The polishing creams and sprays used by us are checked for your health and we ensure that each and every part of your car is brimming like new when we deliver it back to you. 

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