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Car Window tinting Film

Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is one of most sought after works that car owners opt for after their purchase of a new car. However, it is not only the new car owners that get car window tinting but even existing owners opt for the service mainly because of the looks that tinting offers. There are some that like car window tinting for security and protection from the harmful sun rays.

We at Titanic Ajman have a professional team for car window tinting. Our professionals use the best tinting film available in the market. We offer a range of shade options that are otherwise not available in the market. Car window tinting also offers you the choice of customization that does not come with the new car of any brand and a host of other advantages that are discussed below.

1. Offers Privacy

Cars with plain windows are most vulnerable to thefts and crimes as you and your belongings are clearly visible from outside. Car window tinting protects you and your belongings from such acts as the tinting provides visibility only from inside and not outside.

2. Provides shatter proofing

At times car windows get shattered either from objects from outside or in case of an accident. But with windows tinted, the glass does not shatter completely and fall on the passenger but stays together due to the film.

3. Keeps the car cool

One of the biggest advantages of car window tinting is that the film helps in reducing the effect of UV rays inside the car and thereby making the car cooler as compared to plain window. It is usually seen that cars with plain windows take longer time to cool as compared to cars with tinted glasses as the plain windows leave the cars hotter.

4. Protects upholstery and plastic from getting discolored

UV rays from the sun makes the upholstery and other plastic and fiber parts of the car discolored but with tinted windows the effect of UV rays is dramatically reduced thereby protecting them from getting discolored.

5. Allows Better Driving

With plain windows you generally feel the glare of the sun in your eyes making driving uncomfortable. However, with our car window tinting services, driving the car even when the sun is blazing will no longer be a tiresome and arduous job but rather a comfortable and pleasure drive.

6. Reduce Fuel Consumption

With our range and quality of car tinting films, you can significantly reduce your petrol or diesel bills on the car. The high quality window tinting films will not let the car get as hot as it did before the tinting. Our car window tinting films offer better UV protection than those available in the market because we use branded films that are made from the best polyester

7. Stay Healthy

With our car window tinting services you can enjoy the above benefits along with a good and healthy life. It is common knowledge that UV rays not only damage your skin but also accelerate ageing. Since our quality films reduce UV rays significantly, they also indirectly protect your skin and slow you ageing process.

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