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Car Wrapping and Stickers

Car Wrapping and Stickers

Car Wrapping and Stickers

In today’s world, business is hard to get and run. Because of the intense competition it is not only difficult to find new customers but equally difficult to retain the old ones. In order to achieve the objective of growth you need to attract new customers all the time and for this continuous attention of the customers towards your product or services is a must.

All this can be achieved through advertisement but the cost of advertisement is very high. You can get low cost advertisement that will make an impression on your customers 24 x 7 and 365 days together with the advantage of a new look to your personal or office car through car wrapping and stickers.

What is car wrapping and stickers?

Plainly speaking, car wrapping is wrapping your car with a fine film of vinyl or other materials with stickers of your choice that will give your car a brand new look together with converting your car into a mobile advertising media. We at Titanic Ajman offer a wide range of car wrapping and stickers in colors, materials and quality that will suit your pocket and your preferences.

Advantages of Car Wrapping and Stickers:

The first and foremost advantage of car wrapping and stickers as mentioned above is to convert your car into a mobile advertising vehicle that costs less than other mediums and is available to you 24 x 7.

Protecting the car paint

Car paint starts to wear down after a while and start to look bad after some time. Car wrapping is a very effective method of not only giving a new look to your car, but also to protect the car paint till the time you don’t remove the car wrap. We always use matching over laminate with our car wrap which extends their life and protects your car paint from abrasions.

Preserves value of the Car

Since we use car wraps of the highest quality, they preserve the original color of the car virtually at the same level as at the time when we wrapped your car. Also wrapping the car is a much cheaper alternative to painting the car at the time of selling the car.

Achieve the desired style in less

Wrapping with stickers with at Titanic Ajman will cost you very less as compared to getting the car painted in the desired color and thereafter getting stickers stuck on it. We wrap the car with the stickers in one go that takes less time, gives better look than a painted car and costs very less.

Giving a Professional Touch

Car wrapping is a great way to boost your brand identity and give your business a professional image. Your advertisement says a lot about you and your work.

The look of your car can be designed exactly the way you want with the images and text imprinted on them.

Return to original color

Since we use car wraps of the highest quality and the best brands, these wraps can be removed easily in a very short period of time without any damage to the paint of the car.

Use our car wrapping and sticker services to get the best look.


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