Car Ceramic / Paint Protection
Car Ceramic / Paint Protection

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  • Car ceramic / Paint Protection

    Car ceramic / Paint Protection

    If you want perfect protection for your car paint, ceramic protection coating is highly recommended. It is not akin to the usual wax or sealant cover coating that is easily available at a nearby garage or ordinary car service providers, but Titanic Ajman provides you with car ceramic protection that is the latest technology for protecting car paint.

  • Car Polishing

    Car Polishing

    People often confuse car polishing and washing with car waxing. Car polishing is done straight after drying of the car while car waxing is done after car polishing. The car wax sticks to the paint of the car to protect the car paint from getting damaged from dust and other pollutants while car polish contains a slight amount of abrasive that removes the dead

  • Car Window tinting Film

    Car Window tinting Film

    Car window tinting is one of most sought after works that car owners opt for after their purchase of a new car. However, it is not only the new car owners that get car window tinting but even existing owners opt for the service mainly because of the looks that tinting offers. There are some that like car window tinting for security and protection from the harmful

  • Car Wrapping and Stickers

    Car Wrapping and Stickers

    Plainly speaking, car wrapping is wrapping your car with a fine film of vinyl or other materials with stickers of your choice that will give your car a brand new look together with converting your car into a mobile advertising media. We at Titanic Ajman offer a wide range of car wrapping and stickers in colors, materials and quality that will suit your pocket an

  • Car Detailing

    Car Detailing

    Car detailing is an important car care service that includes several aspects of cleaning the car both from the interior and the exterior. We at Titanic Ajman are the people to rely on when it comes to getting the car detailing services for your car. When we take up a car detailing project, it means that we would provide the best services so that it keeps its excell

  • Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

    Car Interior and Exterior Detailing

    We transform your car by undergoing a very specialized job of car interior and exterior detailing. You must be wondering what’s so special about it when it is readily available with almost every garage and motor repair shop in the city. Well! The procedure and the work may not be special for them because most of them are not experts and just complete the formali